Event Sound Healing

Event Sound Healing

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Join us an evening with Malin Linnea's, Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Healing at the Sustainable Pop Up.

Sound healing can be described as ‘effortless meditation’ as the sonic vibrations will make you reach a state similar to the one we achieve in meditation - but with much less effort. With a musical background as a DJ and producer Malin studied how certain combinations of notes have different effects on our body and mind (not only on the dance floor!). Dissonant notes can work to release trapped emotions and stuck energy whereas matching harmonies will have a soothing and comforting effect. Together they will bring back the body to a balanced state where you’ll experience calm and bliss.

Sound healing can:
- Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
- Boost your immune system
- Spark new ideas and creativity
- Help you sleep better
- Act anti-aging and improve brain function
- Bring joy and motivation

About Malin:
Malin is a sound healer and DJ/musician. She has over 10 years experience of providing music in places like Burning Man, Tulum, Mykonos and Ibiza. Malin studied with Tony Nec at Sound Healing Academy in London and has since then hosted sessions for clients such as Equinox, Lululemon, Reebook, the Mandrake Hotel and Shoreditch House. Last summer Malin was a resident DJ of Scorpios Mykonos where she was also providing the soundtrack for many of the Mind & Body wellness events.

Date TBC - if you are interested please email us at info@thesustainablepopup.com and we will notify you once dates are set.