About Us


Curation comes very natural to Isabella, a Swedish/Swiss educated in the arts with a long fashion career in Florence, Paris and London.

She is always looking for exciting designs and interesting artisans that combined with inspiring people create magic. Knowing how hard it is to find sophisticated brands that focus on sustainability, she sources designers and artisans from all around the world to create a unique pop-up concept with a mission to support a sustainable future. Style permeates everything Isabella does, and by creating an atmosphere where the consumer gets inspired she passes on the message.

We live in a world where human actions have a hugely damaging effect on the environment, with fashion being the second largest polluting industry in the world. The debate about its effects are growing, and by creating The Sustainable Pop-Up we aim to promote a better way of retail. We curate a carefully selected group of brands (our partners) and together with wellness experts we educate our consumers on the effects of fashion; where, in what conditions, how goods are being produced and its effect on the environment. Another topic is how we retail, and why we should buy quality that lasts forever. We want customers to start demanding more ethical practices behind their purchases.

Our mission is to build a community together with our partners and customers to promote a long term thinking towards a sustainable future, and change the way we approach fashion and retail.Brands from international designers and artisans are mixed to create a world of global sustainable style. Whilst adding to the bohemian and colourful spirit they all contribute to our mission of educating the consumer on a sustainable future.

The venue will be created as a concept store with all brands featured on the top floor. We will mix the brands, often following colour themes and combine with other items such as skincare, art, jewelery, literature, and other accessories. The design of the store will change daily to give the customer a feeling of newness. The experience of the customer is central to how the store is run, where our service include styling, tailoring, dry cleaning and home delivery. 

The basement will provide a well being centre, where we will host #mindfulmondays with introduction to soundbaths, reiki, cacao ceremony, Women's circles etc. See Events.  

Do you think you have a brand for The Sustainable Pop Up? 
Contact Us: info@thesustainablepopup.com