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Colombian born and raised, globally curious and loyally an Indophile - she is also now the Curator of Parampara Jaipur and designer and founder of DeCastro Moda (the store’s private label). Much like pre-1990s India, she grew up in an environment of women who all knew how to sew and make clothes, almost a rite of passage in Colombian culture. Virginia took the path to an additional level by studying it academically at La Salle University, Bogota. She actually wanted to pursue Industrial Design but gave into the impulse and life-long passion of sartorial aesthetics. 

Prior to taking the flight that changed her destiny, Virginia  worked with a conceptual 30-year-old brand called Olga Piedrahita, a pioneer of the Latin American fashion industry. Now as a designer herself, Borrero is curious to remake definitions, especially ‘Indo-Western’. She aims to bring back the true sense of the term, a rendition of Indian materials, fabric and artisanal techniques through a Western point of view, a truly multi-ethnic aesthetic.

De Castro, is the signature and last name of Virginia’s mother, an artist herself. Virginia has been really inspired by her mother’s work over the last 10 years, which is why she decided to name the brand in her honor.

The brand started 2 years ago in Jaipur in partnership with Sanjay and Samir Kasliwal, the co-owners of Gem Palace, and is today Parampara’s private label.

De Castro is a fusion between Virgina’s origins (Colombia) and some elements and fabrics from India. Most of them 100% handloom, with a western taste and shapes, full of colour and life. Focused on creating relaxed silhouettes, playing with Ikats, as well as delicate embroidery, the brand also creates plush embroidered footwear. Comfort is a cornerstone of the design aesthetic, breathable fabrics, “easy-to-travel-and-live-in silhouettes”.

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